I Love you Jesus!

Love you tonnes Lord!
Love you tonnes Lord!

There is absolutely nothing that can compare with the truth in the Word of God. When you have a personal experience of the manifestation of the presence of God in your life, situation and circumstances, you realize that the Word is indeed alive. It is amazing! It is beautiful!

Friends our Lord Jesus Christ is a loving savior, loyal friend and gentle lover. you can talk to him anytime, your innermost thought brought before him and still his love will not change. He calms your nerves and assures you of his love daily. He is ever with you, watching your back, making sure your life is beautiful even when you do not think so at the moment.

It’s a puzzle that when fully put together becomes a master piece that you really are. That is why it was Christ blood alone that can pay for your life, your redemption. Oh how amazing you are oh Lord my God! You are beautiful beyond description. Thank you for loving me with everlasting love.

Be magnified oh Lord my Savior!.