Faith Speaks and Receive!!!!!!

faith seesThere is a Queen/King in me/you

I am /you are born to rule

There is a Queen/ King in me/you

I come from royalty

The role of the enemy is to keep me/you from knowing who we are

So be mindful of the words you release

The lyrics of Donald Lawrence Song

Shades of Oppression!!!!!

trust himThe children of Israel became exceedingly fruitful, multiplied greatly, increased in numbers and this gave the Egyptians concern. These were a nation built with just seventy people and are now too numerous to count. Oh! how Egypt felt threatened and rolled out a plan to limit them, yes, reduce them by killing the male infant, however God was with Israel. Egypt tried, God’s plan┬áprevailed, Moses was spared, Israel continued to increase even more. Exodus chapters 1-3

Friends, oppression of many kind is usually as a result of the potential of the inherent seed of greatness in an individual, family, group, community, nation etc. It is an evil ploy to limit, hinder and ensure an individual does not have room to grow, increase or have the liberty to actualize the full potential of his/hers/its creation. People are often cut beneath and to a size determined by issues, circumstances, situations of life that are within and without ones control. Instability,poor judgement, lack – of any kind, restrictions and the likes hampers development and the attainment of maximum potential inherent in the seed of life within all mortal. Thank God for the dominion mandate! We are more than conqueror through Christ who strengthened us. Romans 8:36-38

Pharaoh ordered every male child to be killed at birth. If he could hinder conception, he would have, or maybe not since he still wanted the female children to be born to serve as slaves and the likes – my thought here. He ordered death, but God outsmart him of course by the help of the kind heart-ed midwives. Pharaoh planned to kill the carrier of seed, to make sure there is none to go to war, none to go on for Abraham to the promised land, none to burn incense unto the Lord, none to worship God. A ploy to wipe out gradually the next generation of God’s people.

This is us even right now. The onslaught in our minds, midst, home, church, society, nation is alarming. Men are confused of what manhood is, women are at a lost and children are worst off. The institution of marriage is gradually collapsing with different streams emerging daily. The gospel is twisted and coated with philosophy of man to be appealing leaving hearts devoid of real joy while masked hearts and faces are on display as the real thing.

Lord be merciful unto us, hear the cry of our hearts, the words we’ve spoken and that which has not been uttered. Send us your Holy Spirit afresh Lord to rekindle a right spirit within us. You heard Israel’s cry, Lord hear our cry and send us help. We need an outpouring of your spirit like never before, let your light guide and guard us, let us not stumble, falter or fall. Keep us always Oh Lord as the apple of your eyes, purge us with hyssop and we will be whiter than snow, let us yet sing for joy. Let there be deliverance, healing, restoration,transformation, let our eyes and heart be enlightened, give us your wisdom, the wisdom of heaven that is not of this world, let our desires be aligned oh Lord with your will and purpose for our lives. Let us not grow weary Lord, let us not go astray, let our eyes be focused on you, the author and finisher of our faith. Let the seed of faith within us grow to maturity that we might please you in every good work, live a victorious life here on earth and dwell with you thereafter for eternity In Christ Jesus name we pray. Amen