God’s Masterpiece!

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While I was yet a sinner Christ died for me – Romans 5:8. He knows every fiber of my being, every of my ways are made plain before him, my innermost thoughts are very audible to him, the intricate desires of my heart he knows, and yet He loves me all the same.

Why would He love me so much? I often ask, knowing that I would sometime ignore Him, act like He does not matter, blame Him for not showing up while I needed Him, though He never for once left my side. I did walked where He instructed me not to walk in disobedience, got into troubled water, called on Him and He answered. He did not question me but stretch forth His everlasting arm and drew me out of many waters.

How awesome is your name Oh Lord! How beautiful is your ways! You are the ancient of days, the great and mighty one of Israel. You are beautiful beyond description, too marvelous for words. I am in awe of your amazing love for me. My joy abounds Lord just because of you. Thank you for loving and caring for me. I love you and will never stop because I know you first loved me with an unconditional love. Be magnified Oh Lord.

Friends, If you are yet to know this awesomely awesome God, please draw near today in faith. Ask the Lord Jesus into your heart, let Him come in and abide with you. Let His love warm your heart. In life everything fails, but the love of God endures for ever. John 1:12 Romans 3:23, John 3:16

Jesus is Lord!