Amazing Writer’s cafe writer. Olumegbon

This is a beautiful poem,truthfully relating to the tumult of emotion of a healthy human heart.


Nothing Is Right

A Poem by Olumegbon(Please stop by and read this outstanding writer. Real life story will break our hearts)


Just a bit of my perception


The hope and quick disappointment,
The joy of birth and tears of death,
The green feelings and withered love,
The smooth relationships and painful heartbreak,
The deep trust and sudden betrayal,
The sacrifices and efforts that vanishes in vain,
The lies told to put bread on the table,
Would that be a sin?
Or a means of survival?
The ones we deceived just to look righteous,
Scared of their response to our flaws,
The self-guilt it conceived in us,
A burden we carry forever,
The hard-work and daily stress in the pursuit of vanity,
Nothing is right,
How do you feel when you take a life?
Lie to a brother?
Steal from a friend?
Hurt a lover?
Disappoint a mother?
Betray a…

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