I Am Grateful Lord!

I am grateful Lord for this brand new day

A new day to dream dreams

To explore love, joy and life

I am grateful for filling my heart with your love

I am grateful for everyone that has loved me and still love me

I am grateful for everyone that I have loved and still love

I am grateful for all that have imparted my life

Both negatively and positively

For I have learned a lesson or two

Through both, valuable lesson at that

Thank you Lord for enriching my life

With all the trials, temptations, troubles and triumph

I am grateful for the small things of life

Grateful for the little things of life

They’ve all made my world beautiful

Grateful for all that is mine – desires, dreams, passion, aspirations ……

For you placed them there, in my heart, to keep me alive

For yet it shall be and you will give me more

More for this lifetime and beyond

To be fulfilled, to perfection only in Christ Jesus

Grateful Lord for your kindness to me and mine

Be magnified Oh Lord.