David – God’s Favourite!


gods favourA while back, the Lord impressed on my heart to study the life of David. This is an insight from that study. David as a teenager from a family of 8 brothers. He was the last of them and the most insignificant, relegated to watching over his father’s sheep 1 Samuel 16:5-13. He was too young to go into battle but has a big heart, zealous for the God of his father’s – Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Friends, just imagine a teenager sent on an errand to deliver food to his brothers in the war front requesting to face the uncircumcised Philistine – Goliath that has been threatening his brothers and the whole army of Israel for days.

What came over David, you might ask! What was he thinking off? Who does he think he is? You might have been asked the same question!  Eliab accused him of arrogance/pride 1 Samuel 17:28-30, his other brothers ignored him, and might have told others that were willing to answer/converse with him to ignore him.

He who has been born and ordained to bring victory to Israel was ignored, ridiculed, maligned and what not! He faced obstacles all his life – well most of his life, fell and rose many times, referred to as a man of many sorrow, yet he found favor with God Almighty. So much so that God himself chose to come through his lineage so He, Jesus Christ could be called the Son of David, not Abraham, Isaac, or Jacob, the Son of David, the Root of David.

You see, David found favor with God and regardless of the many obstacles he faced, the sins he committed, the many wars, the revolt in his household – 2 Samuel 15, he – David was victorious over all issues of life and was greatly used of God to bring respite to Israel.

God was very happy with David that He blessed him with a son through the woman he committed adultery with, 2 Samuel 11 and 12 – God gave him Solomon to sit upon his throne even in David’s lifetime.

Friends, the Lord is able, willing and will give you a Solomon, whatever Solomon represent in your life at this moment. Out of that mess, that hiccup, His grace will birth a testimony that you will see the effect of, healing that will be a reference to others, a blessing that will outlive you, a seed that will grow and bear so much fruit that you will not have enough room for.

What was it about David? What gave him so much confidence in the face of opposition and hatred? What gave him the fortitude to keep striving even as he kept running from valley to mountains, caves to hills? He loves the Lord. He knew the Lord was with him always wherever, whenever, no matter his circumstances.

Can this be said of you? Do you know that the Lord is with you? Do you have confidence in His words, his promises and love? Do you even know Him? The Lord Jesus? He is your maker, the lover of your soul, your great reward.

Will you come to him? He bids you come!! Humble yourself before the Lord, so he can step into your space to beautify you and glorify himself in your life.

Jesus Christ is able to give you succour and strengthen you for now and the years ahead.

Come to Him now!