Open Heavens 2015 –

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Do you know why I believe in Jesus? Do you know why He is so great? After three days He rose from death!!!! I have never seen any who rose from death like Jesus Christ.

That is why He is able to resurrect your lost glory, dream, aspiration and many more.  He is able to restore unto you all that heaven released but was denied you by ignorance, carelessness, sin and the wicked one. He is the beginning of all things and the end of all things. The alpha and the omega, the God of possibilities, the mighty One of Israel.

Will you come to Him today? He is able to make all things beautiful for you even now as 2015 comes to an end and 2016 rolls in, unfolding the wonder of God’s grace.

Come and join 200 multi denominational Choir as we praise and worship the creator of heaven and earth, the ancient of days and the Lion of the tribe of Judah. He only can make all things beautiful in its time.

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