Praise God – Open Heavens 2015

OpenHeavens 2015 _ 440 x 220 Twitter Post

As much as you and I have lots of reasons to be grateful for year 2015, we are glad to be alive and look forward to 2016. We look forward to the birth of a new dawn, opportunity to take hold of that which might have eluded us in 2015, the goals we did achieved or not, and much more.

Well open heaven is here! Time to get ready to birth new ideas, do exploit and deliver that dream.

Come with very high expectation and an open heart to receive as you worship God in spirit and in truth with Israel Houghton, Don Moen,Micah Stampley, a 200-voice multi denominational mass choir and a host others.

Come join over 6,500 people on Dec 31st, 2015 at 8pm at the International Center, Hall 5 with a live-fireworks display at the stroke of midnight to celebrate the New Year with a Bang! 

See you there!

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