Two Edged- Ness!


The two edged-ness of marital difficulty in a woman’s life. What do you mean by this you might ask.How do we find a balance? Well, a godly woman going through turbulence in her relationship is torn between pain, hurt, low self worth, doubt, faith and countless emotions all at the same time.
You see, depending on the magnitude of what is going on behind closed door, there is fear also about what will come from outside when the curtains are opened to let in sunshine into the home.
marriageFriends, believe it or not, a godly woman in a broken marriage for instance, will end up stigmatized and labelled, regardless of whatever. This is why women stay in very toxic relationship and end up been killed many a times! This is not just for people in the world, it is happening amongst Christians too. Why will she be …..? Well, she will end up on the other side of the isle. But she was a victim of infidelity, abuse, and what not!
Yes, that is right, but now she is separated from her beloved, her crown, pride and joy, who has deem it fit to remove the covering God entrusted to him from her head, and How? Well, this woman will try to reinvent herself, put extra care in her outward appearance to mask what is inside for validation since the hubby has failed in this regard by his action or inaction. Be reminded that she is on display now for every one knows her business, cultural and emotional factors coming into play here.
Then (the hunter) men who preys, will notice and knowing what every woman crave, yearn, appreciate and so on for regardless of age will subtly pass compliment here and there, show some kindness and that is how the enemy will capitalize on what is missing for an onslaught.
Watch out ladies, there is more at stake other than your reputation, life and destiny of you and others are placed on the line by the wicked one. Remember he has come to kill, steal and destroy. Don’t say because he did it you want to get back at him! You will only be hurting yourself in the process. Leave it to God and draw closer, not away from God. It amazes me that some stop going to Church or change Church because of marital issues. Shouldn’t this be the time to stay put in His presence? Remain faithful! It is painful quite alright, but letting your guards down will be worst off in the long run. Put your trust in God and pray for him even more.
Pray for him? No way! Well, what did Jesus say in Matthew 5: 44 But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. He was not your enemy until life happens right? but now all the love you had has been turned to hate. See, friends, love and hatred is on a spectrum, two extremes okay? For the love of God, don’t go down hill, it will only increase your hurt and bring in all kinds of evil.
This is how women of easy virtue comes into play. Someone did this to you and you want to pay it forward right? It doesn’t work like that in the kingdom of God. Don’t let hate rule your heart! You had a part to play in the breakup anyways, things do not happen in a vacuum. Something was left undone and spiralled out of control. Own up to your shortcomings before God and He will sort you and yours out. We often live in denial and put all the blame on the other person. It is not new, it happened in the garden in Eden and countless generations after Adam, even God’s elect like Abraham went through it, thanks to great grandmother Sarah.
Draw your strength and validation from God, have faith that it will work out for your good! Ask God to forgive you also for failing to entrust everything to him at the beginning or right when you saw the telltale sign.
Most High God, I bring before you all your daughters going through one issue or another in their homes, send comfort to everyone. Sweet Holy Spirit help them to stay right, to pray and seek for godly counsel. Soothe their aches, only you can reach there. Help the men also to humble themselves before you. Convict them of their sins and bring about repentance, healing, restitution and restoration. Let the seed of love grow back in all marriages Lord, help us all to love you through our spouses even when they go astray, may your love through Us bring them back home. Break the hold of every strange women and men over our spouses Lord! Help us to rekindle the flame of love we once had for each other. Be merciful Lord and help us quickly, let the world not taunt our professed faith in You Lord Jesus! Come quickly to our aid by your Holy Spirit in Jesus mighty name we pray. Amen