On Calvary’s Tree! Life.

There are no words adequate enough to express what the Lord Jesus has done and is doing for you and I freinds. Christ Jesus took our place on that cross, on Calvary’s tree. He took our pain, our shame and reproach, failure and all and nailed it to the cross. The weight of our sins was laid on Him. Oh how much He suffered for us! How much Christ suffered for me!

John 15:13 Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.

Lord Jesus, help us to please you in all our ways. You’ve done so much for us Lord and we are so very grateful. In our weakness you gave us strength, in sadness and sorrow you gave us joy, you soothe every pain, hurt, and aches. How awesome you are Lord! Your ways are past finding out. Be magnified oh Lord. You blessed us and still blessing us beyond what we deserve. Thank you Jesus!

We are forever grateful Oh Lord for your ultimate sacrifice! You gave us life Lord, please help us to live a life that is worthy of your sacrifice. Enable us to honor you with our all Oh Lord our righteousness.

For my friends out there that do not yet know the Lord Jesus, permit me to introduce you to the lover of my soul and yours. The creator of heaven and earth, the owner of all soul, the ancient of days. Friends, while we all were yet in sin, Christ died for us to take away every sin, pain and shame we could ever sin or experience. He died to make all things beautiful for us – you and I. Yes, Jesus loves you. Just the way you are! Come to Him today. Acknowledge your need for His help today. You cannot save yourself from the wrath that will come on the children of disobedience. Only Christ can! Will you invite him into your heart today. Accept Christ love freely given to you.Rejoice in Christ love for you friends!

May our hearts be filled with the love of God richly, flowing in abundance unto all around us as we celebrate Christ’s love in action, Christ’s death on Calvary’s Tree today.

Jesus lives still! Yesterday, today and forever!