*What I Learned From Losing My Hair

Absolutely comforting. My beauty and joy is not dependent on my physical attribute and the circumstances of my life but on the fact that Jesus Christ loves me.


I had a haircut today.

And sitting in that chair, as my hair dresser exclaims, “You’ve gotso much hair!” I remember the long journey that has brought me here.

You see, during my anorexia,my hair fell out. I mean, literally all of it. Not just like, “Oh my hair’s thinning!”No. We’re talking…I lost about 90% of my hair, and was left with about two inches of peach fuzz.


It’s no secret that anorexia ravages the body, mind, and spirit. Muscles deteriorate, the reproductive system shuts down, digestion and metabolism slows to a halt as the body enters starvation mode, the circulatory system limps along – making thebodyas cold as ice. But when you’re so dangerously malnourished and depleted, everything that’s non-essential gets left behind as your bodyliterallydoes everything it can to keep yourheart beating. Everything it can tokeep you…

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