Backside of The Desert!! Character Is Developed!!

This is the time to arise and shine friends. Like Esther you have prepared! The King Eternal is beckoning you now! Christ beckons you to come and take of Him! Jesus wants you and I to ” go ye into the world and make disciples of all nations….. Matthew 28:19
Arise and shine friends from the desert sand and take your place in the schemes of heaven. Listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit of God in you!

Radiant Glory Of Love

backside of the desertMoses from all account as stated in the scripture was ordained a deliverer. He was born to save his people from slavery. Moses however, thought it would be by his own strength, power and wisdom. How wrong he was! He ended up a reject, a fugitive and a “glorified”slave working for his father in law. Exodus 2: 1- 22

How best can Moses be described during those forty years of running from destiny? This is a man raised in royalty, having been spared to fulfill destiny while other babies perished. As a baby he was shielded from evil, mistakes and all ills, however as a self sufficient adult, he made a blunder that would have changed the course of his life but for predestination – the hand of the Most High God.

Friends, can you relate your own life to that of Moses? You know you are part of the player…

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