Saved By Love! Grace!

703a76cc-669d-49d5-a696-df75b82e1b9eIt is not by what I have done for God or my piety. It is by the mercies of God that I am not consumed. God loves me and He is showing me and the world the depth of His love. Christ died for me and you too friends!  God picked me up in my weakness, when I had stumbled and confused. He gave me His light and established me firmly in His presence.

I declare that I belong to Jesus Christ. I serve and believe in Christ. Every word of God will come to pass in every area of my life in this season of His visitation.

I declare that I am a vessel of honor in the hand of the Most High! A channel through which many will be blessed!

Friends, you can only pray and declare thus with full assurance only if you have accepted Christ Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Will you come to Jesus today, confess and forsake your sins  “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God – Romans 3:23. Invite Jesus into your heart today. Let Him give you eternal life without which every being is hell bound. By grace are we saved friends, no amount of good deeds can save you from the wrath to come. You have nothing to fear once you are in Christ for  “we are however justified by grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus – Verse 24. 

Now is the time! Open your heart! Jesus loves you!