God’s Favor! Is Heaven To Me!


O yes friends, you have been grieved, gone through ups and downs of life, the storm did not over come you, neither did the flame kindle over you, there is no smell of smoke on you. Like Shedrach, Meshach and Abednego, the Lord was and is with you. He never left your side though  your sins were and still repulsive to Him, He kept you at arms length, you were always within the Lords reach though you knew it not, running away, hiding and all sort that you did, Christ never took His eyes off you for He loves you with an everlasting love!

I have come to announce to you today that your redeemer, the Holy One of Israel, who has never lost a battle, who no army can subdue or beat to retreat, He who retreat before no nation, the Ancient of Days, He was before time, and is now and forever He will be. Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the burden bearer, lover of your soul and mine, the Almighty, all knowing and all seeing God, is bestowing favor on you, for a moment He was silent, but with everlasting favor He is embracing you right now. He was with you through every trials, hence you were not consumed. He is God! Beside Him there is no other. He opens doors that no one can shut, and closes doors that no one dares to go near to attempt to open. Jesus! Jesus! The Sovereign God, Eternal, immortal, invincible and only wise God is your helper, your sustainer, your high tower that shield and protect, your covering and lifter up of your head.

Will you join me in praising Him who alone is worthy of all praises and adoration. Oba t’oun se oun te ni kan ole se, the unchanging changer, the un-created creator, the Rock of offence, who Oh Lord can be likened to you? Who can be compared to you? You made a way in the red sea, you opened the blind eyes, heaven is your throne and the earth is your foot stool, yet for your love sake, you live in mere mortals by your Holy Spirit to make us immortal. How wonderful is your loving kindness towards your redeemed Lord! Oba aji pa ojo iku da, Oba ajiri, Oba ajiwo! Be magnified Oh Lord our God!

Are you still doubtful of Jesus loving you? My brothers and sisters, Jesus loves you and want to have a relationship with you. Jesus wants to beautify your life with His presence here on earth and grant you eternal life. Why would you throw away such an enormous offer. There is no alternative to Jesus Christ friends! Either you accept His love and eternal life or reject His love and embrace eternal misery. Whatever situation you are in now can not compare with what is to come. Will you ask Jesus into your life right now, He is right where you are this moment. Open your heart, let Him in.

Our Father in heaven, I ask that you help my friends to make the right decision right now to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Help them to abide in you and bless them with your Holy Spirit in Christ Jesus name I pray! Thank you Lord for answered prayers. We give you all glory, honor, and adoration. Amen


Live The Word!

Every encounter with you let it be refreshing. Let the joy of the Lord radiate through you to many. Smile, be happy, whatever personal chaos will pass, it has not come to stay.

Radiant Glory Of Love

The humblest citizen of all the land, when clad in the armor of a righteous cause, is stronger than all the hosts of error.

The way to develop self-confidence is to do the thing you fear and get a record of successful experiences behind you.

William Jennings Bryan
destiny-william-jennings-bryanWhat next? What is required of me you might ask? In your everyday interaction showcase Jesus. Share your testimony – the many things God has done for you, starting from your salvation. Live the word!

Friends, look for opportunity to serve, anything no matter what, do it for Jesus. On your blogs, share stories about the goodness of God. Be aware that when God speaks to you through His word, dreams, insight and so on it is for the good of all. Don’t keep it to yourself alone except He instruct you otherwise and if it’s a sensitive issue. I have been…

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Plan of Life – In Retrospect!

“Hello young one! It has been quite a while. How has life been treating you and yours? Said My Lady” Oh! Well, we have been living life as best we could, I smiled back at her, settling down to the softness of the couch, propping my self up with the luscious cushion. I have been very well myself, enjoying God’s goodness, grandbabies, bowling, writing and simply basking in my new found love, said My Lady. What is new? I asked!


“Well, I have been reflecting on my journey so far, hmm! I have been reflecting for quite some time now, wondering about the why, what and hows’ of life. You see young one, when you are my age, you’ll look back and find out that sometimes, somethings never would make sense until you look backwards in retrospect”.


Looking back brought me to the conclusion that there were forces beyond my understanding playing parts in what I termed living life, that’s just what it is! The experiences I have had makes me to wonder why I kept making mistakes, or were they not? Could it be the hand of the divine like in the case of Samson in Judges 14:1-6 and Joseph in response to his brothers regret in Exodus 45:8?  God was working in me even then to will and to act in order for His good pleasure to be fulfilled in my life.


Many choices and turns, at every step of my walk, at each milestone, though I almost always have an inner voice of caution, divine prompting maybe, of goodwill, danger and much more. I have made lots of choices – very good ones, not so good ones I thought and some “great” ones that should have wiped me off track I suppose, but something, someone, a force, keeps writing me in. I wondered! Why!!!  What for?


My lady, I exclaimed snapping my fingers, looking into her eyes, wondering what thought or scene just crossed her mind, where did she just visit now, with the most amazing expression on her face. She blinked and smiled, flashing one of the most beautiful denture I’ve ever seen. I could see on her face that she has been to a very happy place.


Hmmm! It was one of those beautiful season of life, said My Lady. Carefree days of love, music, dancing, romance and all those things that makes living beautiful. Hmm!  She said smiling. A warm feeling swept through my spine and I seem to burrow deep into the softness of my seat. So, Mam, you were saying ……..eye brow raise with a nod of understanding, undercurrent between us…  you were saying “beautiful living”, I said to her prompting.  To continue….