Have Faith! Be Confident!

unwavering faith

Don’t Quit!Be Fired Up!

While in the struggle we often fail to acknowledge the impact we are making on the journey. We focus on the goal and fail to see the changes in and all around us. If only we would take a moment of calmness just to savor the sweet changes taking place right where we are. In that very uphill struggle, many things are changing,  transformation is ongoing.

persevere.pngFriends please note that at every stage of your struggle, God is using it to change and transform not only you but all others He loves around you. God uses few pieces of fish and bread to feed thousands. He uses one insignificant lady like the Samaritan woman in John 4: 1– end to save a whole city. Jesus used the woman caught in adultery in John 8 to reveal the sin in the hearts of her accusers.  God is using you right now to touch many for the better. Your family and friends are seeing the light. You are making a wave even in your struggle. You should thank God and be fired up for a greater impact all the way to eternity. You will get there, for it is settled by my blood sayest the Lord!