Common? No!You Are Special!

fafeee41-7d71-4f58-962e-c3ac728aaf96Are you making light of the grace of God upon your life? You were redeemed at a price, paid in full by the blood of Jesus Christ the son of God! That blood shed on Calvary’s tree qualified you to be a vessel of honor unto the LORD,  rather than an instrument of destruction with Satan.

Will you rise up now and take you place in the scheme of life. Heaven is counting on you to reach out to the lost and heartbroken.  Open up your closed mouth and I, God Almighty will fill it up with words that sustains the weary.  Just obey and you shall see the salvation of the Lord.

You are not common,  you are mine says The Lord! I will be with you, I will strengthen you by my righteous right arm, I will protect you from marauding forces, I will sustain you and as many as gather together against you shall fall for your sake. I am the Lord, and I changeth not!

Shalom! Shalom!


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