Broken Vows!


Vows have been broken, hearts have been broken, pain and hurt unbearable. Dreams of ever after shattered, totally ruined and everything has become darkened. Looking around is chaos, darkness and everything is spinning out of control, you seem lost with no sense of direction! Anybody ever been here? Or may be knows anyone that has been? After all the drama and what not! ¬†What next? Where does one go from here? Jump into the next available arm? Bed or what not. That’s not so.

Friends, seek healing!Seek forgiveness first from the Lord Jesus! It is easier said than done I know. After the shame of failure you have experienced, the rejection and loss of all that you hold dear and personal becoming public knowledge, twisted and convoluted, forgiveness is not what is in your mind. If you are a child of God, you will have many questions, you will doubt your salvation, you will doubt God for even daring to allow you go through all these! Oh yes! You will be lost and become unrecognizable to yourself also.

I can go on and on about the reality of broken vows, however I will leave it for a more opportune time. Friends, If you want to be honest with yourself, you had a part to play right. You might not know at the time but yes, it takes two to tangle. However, things does spring out of control and regardless, know that divorce is not an option. Our Lord Jesus frowns against it, Okay, hear me out. The scriptures is against divorce in it entirety, though the Law of Moses gave us an exception which our generation has embraced under the guise of the season of grace. Right! Leaving this also for another time. …. wait for it!

Right now, just the way you are go to the Lord, He knows what you are going through and will help you if you are genuine in your heart to follow His leading. God is more than able to make all grace abound towards you that your hearts and mind will be healed and made whole. Divorce is not a death sentence, there is still lots more afterwards, that is just a chapter of your life that God is still more than able to rewrite for His glory.

Are you out of one and already in another? Dont seek to get out! Come just as you are the Lord beckons. If you are not in any, don’t seek to go into another! Oh friends, the Samaritan woman is an example. Study her story and you will know that there is still yet more in you than the devil knows! You are a canvas in the hand of a Master Painter. You are a masterpiece in the making. Trust Jesus!

Have a wonderful weekend!