The Importance of Knowing the Lord Intimately Now

Eternity is real! Jesus Christ our Lord is coming soon!

The Lord Is With Us

It is essential to holy living that we know Jesus Christ intimately and be utterly dependent upon Him. Of course, the purpose of living holy lives is for the salvation and spiritual growth of all people with whom we live: that they may see and know Jesus Christ Himself through us, the members of His Body. God’s living waters flow forth to peoples of sun-scorched lands in direct proportion to the degree that His servants remain consecrated and drink the living water directly from Him.

The Lord has had me emphasize the importance of knowing Him intimately since the inception of The Lord Is With Us a year ago, but do you know why He is doing so NOW? He is giving for me to write about the exalted position of His Church and share with you what He’s shown me over the years about the end-time Scriptures (both directly and through a few…

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