Soldiers Without Ammo!

Job 33:14-16 For God may speak in one way, or in another,
Yet man does not perceive it.
15 In a dream, in a vision of the night,
When deep sleep falls upon men,
While slumbering on their beds,
16 Then He opens the ears of men,
And seals their instruction.

The Lord took His anointed to a hall like setting filled with soldiers, while there was war raging all around. Soldiers are meant for battle, to defend, rescue and combat evil. Why are these standing lamely all around I wondered.

Then my eyes were opened and I saw, a woman without legs, or probably with crippled legs sitting in the middle of the hall, with guns in both hands, threatening and commanding all the able bodied men to take each other’s loaded guns and place it in a pile in the middle of the hall. The guns were in a huge pile and growing in the middle of the hall and these men are been ordered around like babes by this crippled woman.


Why were the guns taken away? Who was this woman? Why is she doing this? How can this be?  I thought to myself, can’t some men rush over and overpower this strange woman? I moved over to someone standing by my side and whispered thus, but alas, something was in control of all, for no one made any attempt to escape the grasp of this woman. Can’t they see what is going on? Have they been blinded?  But their eyes are opened? What then is incapacitating them? Could it be fear or what?

I looked around and saw a doorway to a room filled with piles of newspaper, articles, clippings from long ago I presume for storage. I thought, there must be a door to the outside here or windom to reach those outside at least to sought for deliverance for those in here in captivity. I thought to myself, but there is war raging outside and these people are held bound in here, help cannot come from outside, but yet help is not around in here either. What must be done I thought.

This woman sitting on the floor of this hall is alert, with at least two guns in her hands and she is watching everyone’s movement, cock ready to shoot. The doorway is directly in her line of view and I did not know what lays behind that door. It could be a dead end, and she might see me making a dash for the door. I braved it and docked into the door to find out that there was no outlet, no door or window to the outside. I looked up and down touching the walls seemingly using my hands to draw a doorway and the next thing I knew, I was outside and quickly made a dash for safety.

Safety? While in there, I was aware there was war outside, yet I thought I was making a dash for safety? What kind of safety was that, I am thinking now? Well, just as I got to the gate, I realized a young boy followed me out and the street seem calm, with people going about without any concerns.

What a weird dream I thought. What does it mean? I did not know, but then a thought came into me. There was this dragon waiting for a boy child to be born so it can devour in the book of Revelation 12. What has this story to do with this weird dream?

A soldier without his weapon is no longer a soldier. A soldier without his weapon and unaware of his situation is worst than a captive of war, for this soldier is not aware of been in bondage and will not be expecting help or deliverance from bondage. He has become like the living dead! How do one rescue such? For when help come to the captive of war, under normal circumstances, they are expectant and must have planned in their minds how to make a dash for safety having surveyed their environment overtime and taking cognizance of exit possibilities.

I believe this dream is about the modern day Church. We have our houses, cars, spouses, money, investments and all that makes living beautiful and have become complacent with that which is of the Lord. Our guns, weapon of war has been taken over by the love of this world, the cares of life, lukewarmness and all sort. The material things we have acquired gives us a sense of safety, that we lack nothing, people are getting jobs, new businesses starting, old businesses doing well, people are been healed, that all is well.

ALL IS WELL! We are forgetting Church! We are called to impact our family, community and society for Christ Jesus! What is my contribution? Have I done anything with the “weapon” God has placed in my hands? How about you? All is not well with this world even though the world does not know the magnitude, neither do we in the Church, and even those who do know, do not care enough to take steps towards the propagation of the gospel of peace. How can we when we are still in bondage ourselves? Little foxes like dissension amongst brethren, a whole congregation, and an entire localization affecting everything of eternal weight.  How can the blind lead the blind? Can darkness spread light? What we do not have we cannot give! Anyone in captivity cannot bring freedom to the bound?

I believe it is time to clean up our acts, let the wicked forsake his wickedness and seek the Lord in spirit and in truth. Have mercy on me Lord! Forgive me, heal me, help me to do your Will! Have mercy on us Lord Jesus! You are coming soon and there is lots to do, and you know how complacent we have become. Lord Jesus help us! Open our eyes and minds! I pray that the eyes of our understanding shall be enlightened, that you will give sight to our eyes. The body of Christ is in need. We need revival Lord Jesus, pour out your spirit afresh on us, rekindle the flame of your love within us like the times gone by. Let your power manifest in our midst to destroy every works of Satan. We dismantle every demonic network in our congregation hindering the undiluted Word of Truth and the manifestation of the Sons of God to the world. Oh Lord, let everything blocking the reception of the Word of Truth in our minds and hearts be removed in Jesus mighty name. Help us Lord! Help our unbelief and complacency in the mighty name of Jesus Christ we ask and receive! Amen

Thank you Lord for a brand new day! A day of freedom and rejoicing. A day we have to boldly declare your majesty as the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Alpha and Omega, the Ancient of Days, Lion of the Tribe of Judah. The Most High God is your name. Thank you for your mercy Lord. Pour out your Holy Spirit afresh on your people Lord that we might please you in every which way. Be enthroned over the affairs of Our lives Oh Lord our righteousness in Christ Jesus Mighty Name. Amen.