Praise God! From Whom All Blessings Flow!

You know friends, there is a difference in your action and reaction to situations knowing that God is true and all what is written about Him is true and that as He has said in His word, so shall it be. It is very easy to dance and praise God on the mountain top, but how about the valley, when you’ve been stripped of the coat of many colours, facing gloom in a dark place. Will you still praise God? Yes! You should for He will never leave nor forsake you. He lives within you by His Holy Spirit and He ain’t going to forsake His abode. Summon up courage from within to weather the storm, ride through or still the storm. Jesus Christ of Nazareth is right there with thee.

e3e1bf_dd512db36d63428782f59d1301b3afd6Faith in God will make you to dance in the rain, keep afloat in the storm, shield you in the fiery furnace and rescue you from the evil bombardment. The Lord is your refuge, stronghold, helper, sustainer, shield, buckler, fortress, provider, healer, and much more. Why don’t you give Christ a shout of praise right now friends? He deserves all the glory. Watching over you, protecting you from all evil, not allowing things to degenerate to a point of no return – for once dead, except in Christ, there is no repentance.

Shout out to the Lord!