Praise Him Still !!!

It gives heaven and earth permission to intervene

To make all things beautiful for us even in the midst of the chaos

Radiant Glory Of Love


To praise God through our trials is to tell the enemy our God is able

It shows gratitude to our Saviour for his ultimate sacrifice for us

It reveals the depth of our faith and trust in God

It reveals God’s strength being made perfect in our weakness

It speaks confidence in the capability of Jesus Christ our Lord

It gives more grace to stand firm to see the salvation of our God

It gives heaven and earth permission to intervene

To make all things beautiful for us even in the midst of the chaos

It allows all things to work together for our good through it all

It doesn’t matter how far gone things have degenerated

Praising our God for who he is does have a transforming effect

Restorative and recreative effect on everything

And it gives us peace, peace that surpasses all understanding

Isn’t that amazing?

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Perfect Life? Grateful life!


d2e3debe93c353f67acc49e6fd982e5dFar from been perfect! I have been turned inside out and outside in! I have been tossed here and there by storms – unplanned, unforseen, unexpected yet tumultuous.

Only then were my eyes opened to see, to see Him who created heaven and earth holding me steady standing strong in the midst of the raging storm.

My life so far is far from perfect but it is beautiful, blessed with joy and laughter, graced with miracles, signs and wonders, God’s own handwriting reflecting the love of the Most High God! The Alpha and Omega, my Lord and Saviour, the Only Constant in my life, my high tower, shield and protector, defense and advocate.

Joyously grateful for the past for it made sense of this beautiful present. What a transformation?  It could only have been God! And the future? Whao! I see it bright and more beautiful, colourful, peaceful, and adorned with precious jewels!

Oh Lord God Almighty thank you! Thank you for showcasing your power in my life, your loving kindness and grace, your gift bestowed on every soul.

Friends, please realign yourself to the will of God as outlined in the Scriptures. Be transformed by the renewal of your mind. Start looking for something to thank God for. See the best in every situation, look out for positivity, stop narrow mindedness, rejoice in the Lord, I say rejoice!

Shalom! Shalom!


Be Thankful! I AM!

It is only the grateful that will be thankful. The grateful will have hope for they have journeyed through and known they only made it this far by God’s grace, therefore in every situation they are assured that He will show up. That is hope! The grateful will be humble most often than the ungrateful for they know it’s not by their power or might that they are not consumed but by the mercies of God.

gratitudeLord I am indeed grateful for all the heartaches for it reassures me that my heart is of flesh and capable of genuine love. The trouble and trials confirms that I am doing well in line with the plan of heaven – or else why will the devil rise up against me like he did Job?

So many times I’ve disobeyed and you correct me with your rod because you love me. Lord I am so grateful for this for it is the child that a Father loves that He correct. I am so blessed to be your favorite daughter for the many sins I have sinned and you forgave, wiped off, not even a trace, or smell of the fire.

Refiners fire, my hearts one desire is to be set apart for your use and glory. You wired joy into my DNA, like Christ sleeping on the boat in the storm, I can dance and praise you in the storm of various kinds of challenges, for I know you are in charge and holding my hands steadily. All things must of necessity work for my good. You Lord are working me through a process that will refine and add value, luster to the treasures in this earthen vessel!

Gratefully I praise your Holy Name Oh Lord. Thank you Father for your love!

Friends, I hope you feel the same as I am. Without God’s saving grace bestowed on us through Christ Jesus’s death on Calvary where will you be? How will you be living your life? Will you be eternity conscious?

Your many blessings, lifes successes were only possible by His grace alone. Come on give God the praise due Him. For those other things you are seeking His face for thank God still, see those answers placed on your palms.

Praise God in the morning, praise him in the noon time, praise God in the night time also! Be thankful!