He Is Willing Already!!!

Luke 5:12″…..Lord if you are willing, you can make me clean.”

This was from a man covered with leprosy. You will expect a man in that condition shouting from afar ” Jesus! Master! Heal thou me! Be merciful or some words in that regard  right? Not this man!!! In our generation we will say he has an attitude. He is desperately in need yet he is asking Jesus if he was willing!!!

How often have we made such statement in prayer before God! You see, the man does not have adequate understanding of the nature of Christ. “If you are willing”! Why would the Lord not have been willing? This is the very purpose for which he came as man! Emmanuel, God with us, to reconcile us, that is, to heal us and restore us back to God.

Are you also wondering if the Lord is willing? Willing to restore all that you have lost? Willing to save, restore and  transform you? Is the Lord willing to cause your womb to receive life? How about healing you? Promoting you?Providing a suitable partner for you! Gainful employment, provide business opportunities, and much more.

Be rest assured friends, the Lord is willing!! Jesus was not, and is not only willing, but He is kindhearted and compassionate for He reached out his hands and touched the man. What a show of love and compassion. Luke 5:12-15.

Will you today call on Jesus? He loves you and is not willing that any should perish!!!

Shalom! shalom! shalom !