I Lost A Gem.


I lost a jewel

A rare and one of a kind

Precious jewel, a rare gem

Irreplaceable jewel

Loved and cherished.

20160712_164951I lost my mother

My friend and confidant

I lost my mother

A rare jewel, precious

Loving, caring, and generous

I lost a jewel, my mother

The rarest of gems, irreplaceable

Oh Mother, If only you knew

The impact your passing will have

On all your loved ones

Lord, I ask for your comfort

Soothe the ache within Lord Jesus

Wrap your mighty hands round us

Till this cold heart is aflame

Aflame with joy, hope, and love

Of The One who giveth and taketh away

I lost a jewel

A rare gem walking down the street of gold

Mum rest thou in peace