Let Me Know! Now!

Yes! Let me know you love me. I mean not just in words, but your actions, the way you speak to me, act toward me and many more ways you can show me love. 

For you see friends, life is transient here on earth, but love is eternal. Even in death, love never dies. It is the essence of our being. 

I saw my mother’s buoyant body laid lifeless and the only thing that came out of my mouth with tears was “I love you mummy” I wish she could just open her eyes one more time so I can look into them and say those words. 

Just to reassure her of my love eternity unending. How many times do we allow things that aren’t worth it to steal joy and love from our hearts! Love between a mother and a child is unequal and unique. So is love between spouses, siblings and so on. 

Would you please show love to those in your life. Let them know while they are still here that you love them. Treat them nice, spoil them with affection. Indulge them if you can, especially our parent. 

The way we treat our parents tells our kids how we want to be treated. Does your kids even know your parents friends? Does your kids have relationship with thier grandparent? If they are stll living you have a chance, an opportunity to bridge the gap, build a close nit family.

Remember friends, you will soon cross that threshold. Please be kind to the elderly in your life.

I love you!

Shalom! Shalom! Shalom!