War, Reason & Provision!

When you have a purpose, a destiny to fulfill, ordained by God, enabled by the Holy Spirit to be unique, great, do exploit, achieve a feat, do something for yourself, family, community, body of believers, like Eliab in 1 Samuel 17:28 -31, your brothers, family and relation – those who know you intimately the most are those that will oppose you, distract and discourage you.

David saw Goliath standing before God in defiance, and knew he had to come down – 1 Samuel 17:26. David knew God had worked through him to deliver his Father’s sheeps from the devourer – lions and bears many a time and sees Goliath in that line of view.

You also you may have had some close experiences unbeknownst to others. Perhaps you’ve been poisoned in close quarters and the blood of Jesus worked for you. You could have been bitten by serpent in dreams but felt the pain physically, yet the blood worked for you. You’ve given hugs in good faith only to be aware that something foreign, venomous and portent has just been released into your system, manifesting immediately as discomfort and weakness yet again the blood of Jesus answered and worked for you. You may have been in conversation with someone who supposedly should love you, and yet they are speaking peace and the Holy Spirit opens up your ears to hear the intent of thier heart even before it is made manifest.
You’ve had these experiences, and still experiencing spiritual forces out to terminate your life and destiny for the devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy John 10:10, yet you are keeping up the faith by His grace. You know you are not your own. You couldn’t possibly be overcoming continually just because of your prayer life, your righteousness, wisdom, resiliency, intellect maybe, your devout worship and obedience, your Christian walk and so on.
You know this is more than that. There must be a higher being vested in seeing you triumph over every obstacle no matter the shape or form.
You know it wasn’t that you prayed or praying that fervently, fast/fasting regularly, or even faithful all the way. You knew it was and is mercy that have found you just as you are and is upholding you. You know it is by grace that you have been saved and is been preserved, not of your works less you should boast.
You’ve been assured not to fear for no evil shall befall you and yours, neither any plague come near your dwelling place Psalms 91:10. You have the assurance that no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper and any tongue that rises against you, you can condemn and shall be condemned Isaiah 54:17. You know no matter the fire kindled it will not burn you nor the smoke smell on your clothing – Daniel 3. The lion in the den have been and will always be sapped of power and appetite whenever you are there Daniel 6.
Like Paul the apostle, you know your boat is been rocked but there shall be no death, the serpent are been made toothless, drained of poison and been shaken into the fire by the hands that is not of mortals, for you must reach Rome Act 27:13 to Act 28:6.
Friends, you must become what God created you to be, a mouth filled with words that sustains the weary. You have to reach your Rome because your voice has to be heard in the uttermost part of the earth. Oh, you must get to Rome for the testimony of your life must reach and touch many hearts turning them to the Lord, encouraging many more to persevere, giving hope to countless others. What does Rome mean to you? Set your mind on it, focus your all on it. You will get there!!!!
Do you now understand the resistance, roadblock and bombardment from every plain?
Be rest assured still, the Lord will arise on your behalf. Every single task shall be fulfilled at the appointed time. Stay focused and on track, believing, trusting and holding unto every word of God. You will always triumph for He, Christ Jesus causes you to triumph – 2 Corinthians 2:14. But thanks be to God, who always cauaes us to triumph in Christ, and maketh manifest the savour of his knowledge by us in every place.

Shalom! shalom! shalom!