Extending Grace!

Freely you have received, freely you should give!

Do you have joy in your heart? Bless someone with a smile this week. Food on your table? Clothe on your back? Extend a helping hand this week. Be nice!!

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
Thanks be unto the Lord who daily loads us with His goodness.

It is that time of the year that every Canadian come together in fellowship to give praise for all that is ours, family, friends, health, love, life, and much more.

I am calling us all to give thanks unto the Lord for this land. Thank you Lord for the government, thank you Lord for the people, thank you for the peace that we have in this land, be magnified Oh Lord in Jesus Mighty Name.

Have a happy thanksgiving friends and family. Also, be the reason one person’s voice will sound louder today! Reach out to those that are alone this season.

Be a blessing!