Ladies! Womb-Man!

To All Ladies! Womb-Man!

We are who God created us to be – a success- in who we are and whatever we do.

Success be it in business, marriage, motherhood, planting a garden, raising godly children, being a friend, a confidant,…. do you know it is so hard these days to confide in people?

We are a champion, an over-comer, line crosser, barrier breaker, for we have survived what situations and circumstances set out to do in us and to us!

We are a victor, discoverer, for we have discovered our true identity in Him who died for us. We truly are in Christ, a change agent, and much more contrary to the many voices speaking, not good enough, too broken, unfit, trash, and so on.

We are uniquely endowed to do exploit and impact our community for the glory of God, Most High, one woman at a time!

Let us celebrate our uniqueness as daughters of Zion!

Shalom! Shalom! Shalom!