Transforming Minds!

You! Yes you! You have no idea of the impact God is making through your life!

You are touching lives

Changing things

Shining in the dark

Impacting minds

Oh! You didn’t hear?

That’s right!

Your transformation

Makes you a change agent

Keep yielding

And listen

“””””He walked out and went to the home of Titius Justus, a God-fearing man who lived right next to the Jews’ meeting place.

But Paul’s efforts with the Jews weren’t a total loss, for Crispus, the meeting-place president, put his trust in the Master. His entire family believed with him.

In the course of listening to Paul, a great many Corinthians believed and were baptized.

One night the Master spoke to Paul in a dream: “Keep it up, and don’t let anyone intimidate or silence you.

No matter what happens, I’m with you and no one is going to be able to hurt you.

You have no idea how many people I have on my side in this city.” That was all he needed to stick it out.

He stayed another year and a half, faithfully teaching the Word of God to the Corinthians. Acts 18:8‭-‬11 MSG

All About YOU! His Love!

I don’t know who you are

where you are

what you are doing

How you are living

Or coping with life

Just know this

For sure

He who created you

Formed you

In your mother’s womb

He sees you

He knows you

He loves you

Acknowledges you

Needs you

He want you to be joyful

For only then can He work through you

With you

For you

To transform you

To bless you

And make you a blessing

Trust Him

He sees you

Loves, and cares for YOU!

Shalom! Shalom! Shalom!