Joy! Is A Gift!

That which is in your hands friends, let it find expression. Make sure you apply it daily, it is meant for a greater good beyond your wildest imagination. It is like a mustard seed, let it find room to express itself.

Let nothing hinder it, the more you apply it, the better it gets and it goes to fulfill that which the Lord sends it out to do. What a joy you’ll have brought to the Master’s heart!

Let not that which is a blessing, good for you and others become a burden! Don’t clog your system by not using your gifts.

Release yourself to manifest your true potential. You have lots to offer my friend! Let your light shine that men may see and glorify your Father in heaven.

You are meant to shine, be a glow in the dark, a steady oars in a stormy sea.

You see friends, the enemy has tried severally to steal your joy and failed! He will continue to fail because your joy is a gift from God, it’s His presence in your soul.

You are one with your maker for His life blood flows in your veins. Trust thou in Him more and lean not on your own understanding.

You are a victor
A sign
A wonder
An achiever
A success
A champion
An overcomer
A pioneer
Achange agent
Carrier of joy inexplainable.
Infect everyone on your path with this wonderful joy within your soul!
Let Christ’s light shine through you for He loves you so dearly.

Shalom! Shalom!