Archive | December 2019

Acting In Faith

Put faith into action.
Take action by faith.
Do something in faith.
Faith! Faith! Faith!
It needs action!
Yes! Act on it!


Shoes, Walking, & Sight!

I don’t know who you are, but you were sold shoes. You tried it on and said you did not want it after all, however, it seems the seller forced it on you.

If you read this you’ll understand! You have been walking around with what seems like two left foot shoes, like when kids wear shoes left on right, and right on left.

You were unaware but know something just isn’t right, nor comfortable.

The Lord is opening your eyes to see, and I see you putting on the shoes correctly!

Praise God!

Comfort, comfort, ye my people

Set The Captives Free!

This just came in! Randomly impressed I believe by the Holy Spirit.

If you can friends, please join me to pray for every man, male in bondage!

Many are in all sorts of bondages, trapped, lost and do not even know because they have been blinded.

Those that are aware and know that they are in bondage do not know the way out!

Father Lord, God Almighty, you said the lawful captive shall be delivered, how much less those that are unlawfully in captivity. We ask Lord that everyone in captivity be released in Jesus mighty name.

Captivity is not limited to prison, many are walking freely, working and engaged in many activities, yet imprisoned in their minds, hearts, and emotion, captivated by pursuits, pornography, strange women, and inordinate affection for strange things.

Many more have lost the essence of their manliness, reduced to puppets by the wicked. They no longer have the drive, the instinct to act like men, to lead, provide, protect, and champion the cause of humanity, and the fruits of their loins.

Raise a war cry friends for the male man to be awakened! To rise up from their slumber!

Almighty Father, save your sons from destruction. Release them from every force holding them captive. Give sight to their eyes, hearing to their ears, let their hearts be tuned to know, so they can call upon you for deliverance.

Set the captives of the mighty free oh Lord our God in Jesus mighty name. Amen