Reset! Re-evaluate!

When I wrote “How Concerned Are You” in 2017, and stated,

“God at this time is raising up an army, presently submerged under water. At the appointed time, when they rise up, what we know of , presently existing will be no more, for the flood will sweep the sanctuary clean of all those buying and selling!!

What I did not understand then was about people in what seems like a luxurious bus submerged under water and yet breathing like they are on land.

And large places filled with people swept clean by flood. I still don’t get it fully, however, one thing that I know for sure is that God has an army, a people unknown before now, raised for a time like these.

Like the sons of Issachar, those that have understanding will be able to decipher the handwriting on the wall

Folks, salvation is available for as many as will call upon the name of the Lord, it is an individual experience like I told my kids last night, my relationship with Jesus will keep them safe here, but will not make them rapture-able, they have to talk to Jesus about that themselves I said because I want to see them in heaven.

Friends, Jesus is coming, and the present day Christianity practiced, the establishment has failed woefully in preparing saints.

We have built mighty movement of souls not heaven bound as many’s only hope is in this world which is failing even right now.

Covid-19 will go, but the reset button will not go back. The Lord want all of us to pause and re-evaluate our walk with Him.