Building Up Your Faith!

Jesus is coming soon! I know you have heard this before, yet I need you to listen.

The breakthroughs, breakforth, and deliverance you and I are running helter-skelter to get will not stand on that day just like our wealth, affluence, power and position are not standing in the face of Corona Virus right now!

Your dependency on your Fathers and mothers, husband and wife, men and women of God will not stand on that faithful day.

You my friends, you need to get right with God. Know Him yourself, and know who you are in Him.

This is what will keep you when the terrible days come. In the end, the scriptures says will Christ find faith when He comes? Luke 18:8

Will you be found in faith when Christ comes?

Dear friends, build up yourself, your most holy faith in Christ now. Study the word! Be intentional in all that you do! Tell others about Christ and that He is coming back. Jude vs 20