Nigeria! Beauty For Ashes!

When I woke up with songs of praise in my heart Thursday morning, I was confused as to why!

Why praise from a weary soul I thought to myself? I went through my day but kept thinking about everything going on in Nigeria, my family, and my own life as an individual.

She shall yet praise the Lord!

Why praise Lord? I don’t feel like it and the situation of things don’t warrant it humanly speaking, yet God ordered it, and sang it by His Holy Spirit within!

When praise songs wakes me up this way, I know it’s God and nothing to do with me so I praised Him!

Friends, It’s time to praise God like never before even in the midst of this chaos! Remember God inhabit the praises of His people – Psalms 22:3.

I don’t understand, and it does not make sense to me, however, as He ordered it, I am bound to oblige! Have your way Lord Jesus! Just few faithful person was what God looked for in Sodom and Gomorrah – Genesis 18:16-33!

Let us change tactics and praise God for Nigeria! Let’s offer praise that Nigeria has not totally imploded!

O ba ni o, ko ti baje tan! God is able to salvage and rebuild a better Nigeria!