Stewardship of our Talents

Build the Church, build your life here on earth and beyond.
Build the Church, build your life here on earth and beyond.

Haggai 1 : 1-end

These people say,” The time has not yet come to build the Lord’s house”. Then the word of the Lord came through Prophet Haggai, “Is it a time for you yourself to be living in your paneled houses”, while this house remains a ruin?

You see friends, this is not necessarily only about building a physical structure for worship, starting a new parish and the likes. The Lord is asking you and I, Is it the time for you and I to use all that He (God) has blessed us with solely for our own personal needs and interest? Isn’t it time for us to start thinking about the Lord’s need, the reasons for the gospel, Christ purpose for coming on earth as a man?

The gifts and talent God has given each of us is to be used for the glory of His name. Yet, we procrastinate, when I graduate, married and settled and then I will serve the Lord. When my children grow up, when they leave home, then I will have time. When my career is built and stable etc, I will work for God – build the house of God.

This passage implies that our neglect of God’s house, His business is the reason why we eat three course meals and yet not full, have funds and resources yet there is continuous drain – unexpected expenses. We wear designers clothing yet feel naked, under-dressed. Have all that we need and desires yet not happy, not satisfied and devoid of joy.

The Lord says we should give careful thought to our ways, let us rethink our priorities. Let us prioritize our intentions and build up the Lord’s body with our resources – gifts and talent so that God may take pleasure in us and be honored. In verse 9 “You expected much, but see, it turned out to be little, ” What you brought home, I blew away. Why? declares the Lord Almighty. ” because of my house, which remains a ruin while each of you is busy with your own house”.

There has been famine and loss of harvest as a result of the house of God not been built. Marriages are disintegrating, children not having peace nor giving parent peace of mind. There are health challenges and  divers issues plaguing believers as a result of been self centered, greedy, envious of one another, jealous and so on. The heavens have withheld its dew and the earth its crops. You see friends, things that are meant to give us joy does not any more. We are in union yet lonely and unhappy, we have shelters, abundance of food, clothing, money in the bank, properties here and there, fruit of our bodies and yet there is depression, unhappiness and void- emptiness of heart.

We are only here for a short while – 120 years maximum and then eternity. Should we not start laying up our treasures where it cannot be devoured or stolen by working for and with the Lord? To build up His body- one another, and collectively the Church – body of believers. His reward is with Him and He will reward each of us based on how well we invested/ the degree at which we used the gifts and talent He bestowed on us in His kingdom.

Let us therefore stir up the Spirit of God within us and work the works of God. Let us do His bidding in love, harmony and unity of purpose, not setting road block for one another, but been intentional in words and deed, building each other up into a vibrant and healthy body able to manifest Christ presence here on earth.


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