Many Are Hungry! Can I Help?

God showed Peter a sheet filled with all kinds of animals. Peter refused to eat unclean animals and Christ said, ” call not unclean what the Lord has cleansed.
Friends many are hungry for the gospel, the harvest is ripe, are we ready to bring in the harvest?

Featured Image -- 5311My neighbors are seniors in their sixties. We chat every now and then. A while back when the  brother was diagnosed with cancer she came to me and we prayed. I did not follow up since then only to just happen to be at a picnic with other neighbors and I heard her giving the testimony of that prayer in the hallway. I prayed with her that day but was I expectant? If I were, I guess I would have followed up and the likes eh!

For the last three years that I’ve had this couple as my neighbor, I have not once asked them to come to Church or spoken about my faith with so much passion. Then a few days ago, my neighbor came over and asked for the address of my Church, I gave it to her, showed her the website and the likes, but did I look out for her on Sunday,  if she came as she had stated she would come? No! I did not remember to look out for her and on my way home after stopping by here and there, she called me to ask if I was in Church! I was surprised outrightly and felt uneasy! Why am I not showing as much interest as this retiry? She invited us over for chit chat, she spoke about attending bible class on Friday, browsed through her individually handwritten American Bible and went back home.

Of course I knew God was speaking to me through these interactions but I wasn’t getting it until I stopped by a dollar store on Tuesday, quite a distance from home and met my neighbor right in front of the store on their way home. They stopped the car, said hi and  they went on to tell me that they came by to get some note pads and highlighters for bible class at Church. I was stunned by their eagerness,  yearning to learn more about the Lord, and here was I, Pastor/ evangelist/ apostle/ woman of God, without so much a flicker of enthusiasm! What has gone wrong for I was never like this? Is my joy cooling off or what?

Brethren, the harvest is plenty and there are not enough laborers. It is not enough that we go to Church, neighbors know us as Christians, we should disciple all. Many people are thirsty and hungry for the Lord, and if we do not speak and act with conviction like that servant girl in Captivity in Syria, the many Naamans out there would never know that there is a God in Israel.

Lord forgive me for allowing the cares of living to distract me from the purpose for which you have commissioned me. You said go ye into the world and preach the gospel, baptizing in the name of the Lord….
May I henceforth be a true ambassador and be a light to show the way to the yet unsaved in Jesus mighty name Amen.

Life Of Worship! Christ-Like Living!

To be a living sacrifice unto the glory of God entails a life of worship. A life of worship entails living daily to please God in line with the Scriptures.To be Christlike, to be a disciple is more than regular attendance in a Church, working for God, actively serving God through Christian programs and the likes. Christ-likeness, Christian living entails living life, working, eating, speaking, I mean doing everything to glorify God. The happening in our life must all be to His glory- the ups and the downs must directly or indirectly give glory to God. Of course this is only if we are in Him. We can be in the valley and still praise God, knowing in our heart that He has this figured out already and thank Him for it.

The way we relate with one another also reflects whos we are. I heard about a good father giving worthy advice to his children a while back and many castigated him. I want to ask a question here, especially to the female specie. Would you pray your kind of wife for your son? I mean, not when you were not saved, now that you are saved by the blood of Jesus Christ, the way you are living now that you know Christ Jesus, will you pray for God to give a replica of who you are to your sons as wifes? Many a sister will not pray this way because they will not want a woman to treat their son the way they are treating their spouses with deceit, manipulation and cunningness. So many ladies prayed not to have mother in laws, forgetting that they will be mother in laws soon enough.  We all know our own hearts, what others see is irrelevant to Christ- like living. Are we Christ – Like?  Are we living to the praise of Christ name? Or are many on our own account making Christianity a joke?

living a christlike lifeNow think of your in laws friends, especially your mother in law, imagine you in her shoes. Remember, every seed we sow we shall reap! Do you want to reap the seed you are sowing in your family? Depriving others of their right? Depriving your in law of relationship with their grandkids, sister, brother etc.  Bringing up unfounded accusation and projecting thy own wickedness unto them. Repent today and start really living as a true disciple of Jesus Christ. Stop witch hunting, deal with wickedness in your own heart so you can cast out demons from those around you that are possessed. You don’t have to be afraid, there is immense power within you if and if you are truly Christ redeemed!

Let us take time to read Proverb 31 prayerfully and apply the wisdom contained therein. Remember what you do unto others shall be done to you. Wait for it, it sure is on the way except you repent right now and seek forgiveness from Jehovah, the Most High and Merciful God!

Father I bring myself before you and all my sisters out there, forgive us our sins Lord and cleanse us from all unrighteousness in our words, thoughts, actions, what we have done, and in what we have failed to do. Purify us Lord with the blood of Jesus Christ so that our supplication can come up to you.

As we pray for our seeds Lord let our prayers come into your ears and let answers reach our hands speedily. May we truly be your disciple in our hearts as in our conduct. May every soul that comes in contact with us be refreshed. May our lives be a bible that others will read and desire to know you more in Christ Jesus Mighty name I pray! Amen.

Shalom! Shalom!