Your Worth As A Human! Things Money Can Never Buy!


How very blessed you are friends! You have come to the last lap of this year! Take a breather and savor all that is yours! Look at the Lord’s blessings in your life! Can money buy those?

Take stock even as the Lord has brought you to the brink of a new year and dawn. Count your blessings, name them one by one, and it would surprise you what the Lord has done.

Let me bring things into perspective for you dear! Wealth is not in the amount of money in your account, the investment you have and the likes! Your worth and wealth is in those things you have that money can never buy! Your faith, ideas, vision, person, insight, and much more!

You are here this moment, alive, living, saved, sanctified, and ordained for great purposes. No amount of money could have bought you that!

Look at the aura around you! Can you see the invisible presence with you! Oh yes, I forgot you can’t see that, but others can!!! You carry the radiant glory of the creator!

You are beautifully and wonderfully made. You are in your right mind, good health, loving relationships, beautiful and handsome spouse, gorgeous children and grandchildren. And you singles, you have a handsome man dotting on you, a lovely lady who thinks the world of you! You have friends around you, more like family!

And, and!!! Think about the lives the Lord has touched through you! Your smile that made another smile! Your love was able to crack open a hardened heart! A loving touch, hugs, that tells someone God knows and cares for them!

What is your worth friends? Don’t get me wrong though! Money makes things happen, but the lack or abundance of it should not define your happiness or worth for that matter! You are worth more than rubies, gold, diamonds or any precious metals.

You are a person of integrity, intelligent, discerning, and wise! Ain’t no money buy that!

As we step into this new year, please see yourself as a very wealthy person, for you trully are! You are unbreakable by storms, purified by tempest, tested and passed, a change agent, reaching for more, unwavering in your faith!

You’ve really done very well my love! You are wealthy in ways money can never buy! Don’t you forget that!

Have an interesting new year friends, filled with pleasant surprises/discoveries, and fulfilling love. And abundance of all that pertains to life and godliness in Christ Jesus name. Amen

Shalom! Shalom! Shalom!