Daughters Of God!


Time to stop playing the envy game. Jealousy and gossips!

We are all beautiful and wonderfully made. We are loved by Jesus Christ.

Purchased by the same one man’s blood shed on Calvary’s tree.

You my sisters reading this are not superior to me, neither am I superior to you.

The shoes you have worn, I might not have worn!

Eh!  I have worn some shoes – tight and uncomfortable sometimes.

I’ve had to walk and run in it while keeping my head high with a smile on my face.

You had to do your thing too.

We’ve all been through stuff!

We all have our past, every single one of US.

We all have burdens sis!

You might have an idea of mine, but not so much of it!

I don’t have an idea of yours, but Christ knows and you!

Will you let Christ Jesus lift them off your shoulders!

As He is lifting mine off?

So we are whole and free to love and support!

One another to be who we are created and meant to be!

Jesus is Lord!