The Gate

Ezekeil 44:2 The Lord said to me,

“This gate is to remain shut.

It must not be opened; no one may enter through it.

It is to remain shut because the Lord,

the God of Israel has entered through it.

My life is onto the Lord. The Most High God

has come into my life, His hand is upon me,

no other hand shall be upon me, this I declare in Jesus mighty name. Amen

Everything that is not of God is not permitted in my life any more!

Only the goodness and mercy of God is permitted to follow me all the days of my life.

Is this your testimony also friends?

Make it yours too! Declare the goodness of God upon your life!

Shalom! Shalom! Shalom!

Even In This Place! Let Me Be The Gospel!

I just want to share the gospel with my life! Nothing more! I want others to know that had it not been the love of Christ in my heart, the knowledge of who He says that I am – and I believe it 1000%, I will not be here this moment! Christ blood sustains me!

I, like many others, have faced sour troubles, tossed here and there! But, like many before me, retained our joy! Christ Jesus in me/us is the hope of gloryColossians 1:27. His strength is made perfect in our weakness – 2 Corinthians 12:8-10

Lord thank you for making a statement with my life! Regardless of all ills, you are God, and God you’ll remain! Thank you for victory in Christ Jesus over all the works of Satan – 1 John 3:8! All that the Father has given me I shall not lose – John 6:39. 

Your destiny is sealed up in Christ Jesus friends! Nothing can change it! As long as you abide in the Lord, NO ONE CAN STEAL YOUR CROWN! Don’t be an Esau though! Rejoice and be glad! Whatever it is now, giving you headaches and heartaches will pass! Your Saviour lives!

How about you? Is Christ Lord over your life? Do you believe He is God and came as a man in order to take your place? Believe in Jesus today and you are guaranteed eternal life!

Shalom! Shalom!Shalom1