You Must Be Confident

This is culled from a 2016 post. I Am A Confident Woman! Are You! Edited for the purpose of this moment of Truth That Set Free!

You should know dearest Sisters that you are a vessel of honor in your Saviors hands! You have been blessed with a wide shoulder to lean on, a helping hand to hold another, lift up and wipe off others tears.

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You have a sensitive and listening ear, a tender heart to love yet strong enough to stand against wickedness. You have a bridled tongue, lips seasoned with salt, a mouth filled with words that sustains the weary.

You speak truth always, you are not a gossip or rumor monger. You say things the way it is, you are not a hypocrite, far be that from you! You own up for your mistakes, and you are not afraid to say you are sorry for any wrong done!!! You are enough! You are a gem! A treasure!

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Dear Sisters, you are not perfect though! Do you know your weaknesses? Examine yourselves and then take up Christ strength as a shield, draw from the wellsprings of grace constantly, I mean live in it, joined in, embedded, enclosed, get my point? Immerse yourself in Christ strength on a daily basis.

Even though you might have a tiny winy faith, these are the kind that can move mountains, for you are the seed of Abraham. I know you love our Father, for He first loved us and counted us worthy by grace alone, not by any works on our part, solely His love. A love that cannot be explained, unconditional, unchanging and always constant!

Thank the Lord Jesus Sis! You are blessed and highly favored!


Phenomenal Woman!Saved By Grace!


I am so so glad I am a woman after God’s heart.
Everything about me is wonderfully and beautifully made.
I reflect the radiant glory of God wherever I am.
I am an embodiment of grace and love.
I am a spectacular woman who does not bend under trials , but stand regal in faith and hope.
Tried and tested by tempest, toughened up yet with a heart of gold
Knowing whom she believes, whom she serves and who’s she is.
The fire of love burns fiercely in my veins, Christ blood giving life to my being!
His compassion giving me solace, and hands steadying me.
I need no other to make me whole for I am complete in Christ Jesus!