A Faux Test!!!!

I do not fit in your boxAs I lay me to sleep, my lover, my refuge and stronghold sat by me, singing lullaby and watch me rest my weary body as I lay in deep sleep. He took me to a place I have never been, yet seems so familiar. I sat by the door as I watch a being go into a house of those of its kind, they sat down and ate.

This being stood up to go, continuing on its journey and out of gratefulness to its Saviour profess its faith. What a mistake, I thought, for it has just unleashed that which it cannot defend itself against. Oh what a cruel moment, they seized it, and took it to the edge.

I sat with my back to the scene, feigning ignorance of what had just taken place and what is about to happen, thinking it will go away by itself, though I knew better. I heard it, glanced quickly and saw it, there it lays, shot, in its own blood, defenceless against cruelty. What could I have done? I thought and excused myself!

I looked again at it! Alas, I realized why I did not speak up,I could have spoken and not be harmed, I was immune, but I was afraid, I lacked courage to stand for the defenceless, the downtrodden, voiceless, lonely and poor. I was more intrigue with me, myself, and I.

Suddenly, from the corner of my eyes, from a different direction, a man stood up. He advanced towards the “it”. As it approaches, it moved and the good Samaritan scooped it up and carried it away to safety.

I sat up, stood up, and followed. I saw the place, a courtroom!!! Now, in the midst of more, I could talk, but was still afraid, I did not want to ruffle the feathers of the cruel. I spoke, but in a whisper, giving an account of what I had witnessed. He did it, they did it, I said! Then …..

My lover kissed me with the dew of heaven, a feathery kiss on the cheeks. My Savior raised me up, with love in His eyes, His gaze penetrating the depth of my soul, revealing my core. I saw Me in His eyes. I had just failed a test! In His love, He had just made it a mock test, alas, it does not count, but it gives me an accurate account of my capability. I had failed to speak, stand in the gap, do something about the evil I had seen!! 

The moral of this friends is that, for every task God gives to you, do it earnestly “cos there is a replacement, if you refuse to do your part. God is more than able to raise up stones to do His bidding.