You Will Get There! Your Canaan!

Pharaoh ordered every male child to be killed at birth – Exodus 1:22. If he could hinder conception, he would have! He was a man, no match for the Lord God Almighty – Exodus 5:2!

What evil has been ordered for you and yours? Fear not! It shall not prosper! The blood of Jesus is against every scheme of wickedness against you and yours! Pharaoh ordered death, but God outsmarted him of course. God sent the kind heart-ed midwives. The blood of Jesus will avail for You!

Pharaoh planned to kill the carrier of seed, to make sure there is none to go to war, none to go on for Abraham to the promised land, none to burn incense unto the Lord, none to worship God.

A ploy to wipe out gradually the next generation of God’s people. Your seed, your faith, your essence that the wicked one is attacking will live, thrive, and get to the promised land! The Spirit of the Most High God shall accomplish this in you – Isaiah 55:11!

The Lord has made you a God unto Pharaoh – Exodus 7:1. Anything that is against God’s will and plan for your life is a Pharaoh and you have authority over them all – Luke 10:19!

Shalom! Shalom! Shalom!