Appreciate & Embrace Love

It takes sadness to know what happiness is

It takes rejection to know what acceptance is

It takes poverty to know what it means to be rich

It takes loss to appreciate what you had

It takes oppression and bondage to appreciate freedom


If you have never been betrayed, I doubt if you’ll understand loyalty

If your heart had never been broken, shattered in many places

I doubt if you’ll if you can understand genuine love

Unconditional, constant, pure, and faithful love

I beseech you, folks, to seek love, the love of the Father

More than any human love

Human love is at best unstable

Dependent on your participation and cooperation

The love of Christ is sacrificial, it took him to the Cross

No human will sacrifice his life for you

Nor his or her convenience, ambition and what not!

Embrace the love of Christ Jesus today!

It is constant, unchanging, unconditional, pure, true, reliable, faithful

It is dependable, stable, unwavering, everlasting, and freely given

Accept, receive, take hold of it today

Never let go!!!!

Shalom! Shalom! Shalom!