Speak To The King!

Judges 17: 6 In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as they saw fit. This sentence was repeated three more times in the book. It means everyone made rules and lives by whatever pleases them per time. They were a law unto themselves, answerable to no one. No guidelines, no best practices, agreed to stipulations of how we ought to live, behave and serve God and others. The list goes on! So is chaos!

King here refers to leadership,  a supreme being, authority and to bring it down to this moment, for a man, a King is first God Almighty, Father – spiritual and biological, bosses, and anyone in authority above you.

A king to a woman represents God Most High first, husband if you are married, Father – both spiritual and biological, bosses and anyone in authority above you. To both sexes, then when there is no “King’, that is, when there is no one we are answerable to, that is when everyone does as they saw fit! We behave and act as we deem fit which does not necessarily mean good, bad or perfect, for you know our knowledge and perspective at best are one-sided and narrow often.

When we do not have the full picture of a situation, we bring tools we think is ideal to play. This most often will give temporary relief, but, to garner a long lasting solution and relief, knowing and having all sides of the issue tabled before us will enable us to proffer the best solution which is where the need for a “King” comes in.

The role of a King cannot be emphasized enough in a nation, life of its people and individuals. Therefore, be careful and prayerful! Only the King Eternal has the full picture of your life and He has given us His Word and His Holy Spirit to guide us. You must be answerable to God, the King Eternal and to those He has set over you. Only then, can you actually live to please Him that died for you 

In many instances, Kings have been the downfall of a nation and also the strength, prosperity, peace, and well-being of its people. The King then, that only good emanate from is the King Eternal. From the category of Kings, you have choices to make except in the King – biological father. All others then require you to seek the King Eternal’s input to make the best choice.

Have you been making wrong choices? Does it seem you cannot make right choice since all your choices have been “ish” afterward? Will you go to the King Eternal this moment? Ask Him to help you to make the right choices, not the choices based on your logic, but according to His will for you.

In organizations, we will say industrial best practices, which basically is a generally accepted way of doing things that give the best result superior to other means. Therefore, friends, let your next choice be made in line with the best practices, God’s best for you.

This brings me to this question! Have you given your life to Jesus Christ? I mean the King Eternal! Yes. Praise God! If you haven’t, today is the day to do that. You see, friends, we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God Romans 3:23! We all need a King, a Savior, and His name is Jesus Christ, be you a man or a woman, young or old! Jesus Christ died for us, let us live for Him! Repent of your sinful ways friend, accept Christ Jesus into your heart, confess Him as the King and Lord over your life. Speak to the King now!

Shalom! Shalom! Shalom!

Life Of Worship! Christ-Like Living!

To be a living sacrifice unto the glory of God entails a life of worship. A life of worship entails living daily to please God in line with the Scriptures.To be Christlike, to be a disciple is more than regular attendance in a Church, working for God, actively serving God through Christian programs and the likes. Christ-likeness, Christian living entails living life, working, eating, speaking, I mean doing everything to glorify God. The happening in our life must all be to His glory- the ups and the downs must directly or indirectly give glory to God. Of course this is only if we are in Him. We can be in the valley and still praise God, knowing in our heart that He has this figured out already and thank Him for it.

The way we relate with one another also reflects whos we are. I heard about a good father giving worthy advice to his children a while back and many castigated him. I want to ask a question here, especially to the female specie. Would you pray your kind of wife for your son? I mean, not when you were not saved, now that you are saved by the blood of Jesus Christ, the way you are living now that you know Christ Jesus, will you pray for God to give a replica of who you are to your sons as wifes? Many a sister will not pray this way because they will not want a woman to treat their son the way they are treating their spouses with deceit, manipulation and cunningness. So many ladies prayed not to have mother in laws, forgetting that they will be mother in laws soon enough.  We all know our own hearts, what others see is irrelevant to Christ- like living. Are we Christ – Like?  Are we living to the praise of Christ name? Or are many on our own account making Christianity a joke?

living a christlike lifeNow think of your in laws friends, especially your mother in law, imagine you in her shoes. Remember, every seed we sow we shall reap! Do you want to reap the seed you are sowing in your family? Depriving others of their right? Depriving your in law of relationship with their grandkids, sister, brother etc.  Bringing up unfounded accusation and projecting thy own wickedness unto them. Repent today and start really living as a true disciple of Jesus Christ. Stop witch hunting, deal with wickedness in your own heart so you can cast out demons from those around you that are possessed. You don’t have to be afraid, there is immense power within you if and if you are truly Christ redeemed!

Let us take time to read Proverb 31 prayerfully and apply the wisdom contained therein. Remember what you do unto others shall be done to you. Wait for it, it sure is on the way except you repent right now and seek forgiveness from Jehovah, the Most High and Merciful God!

Father I bring myself before you and all my sisters out there, forgive us our sins Lord and cleanse us from all unrighteousness in our words, thoughts, actions, what we have done, and in what we have failed to do. Purify us Lord with the blood of Jesus Christ so that our supplication can come up to you.

As we pray for our seeds Lord let our prayers come into your ears and let answers reach our hands speedily. May we truly be your disciple in our hearts as in our conduct. May every soul that comes in contact with us be refreshed. May our lives be a bible that others will read and desire to know you more in Christ Jesus Mighty name I pray! Amen.

Shalom! Shalom!


Secured In Christ!

Isaiah 50:4The Lord God has given Me
The tongue of the learned,
That I should know how to speak
A word in season to him who is weary.
He awakens Me morning by morning,
He awakens My ear
To hear as the learned.
securedThe Lord God has opened My ear;
And I was not rebellious,
Nor did I turn away.
I gave My back to those who struck Me,
And My cheeks to those who plucked out the beard;
I did not hide My face from shame and spitting.

“For the Lord God will help Me;
Therefore I will not be disgraced;
Therefore I have set My face like a flint,
And I know that I will not be ashamed.
He is near who justifies Me;
Who will contend with Me?
Let us stand together.
Who is My adversary?
Let him come near Me.
Surely the Lord God will help Me;
Who is he who will condemn Me?
Indeed they will all grow old like a garment;
The moth will eat them up.

10 “Who among you fears the Lord?
Who obeys the voice of His Servant?
Who walks in darkness
And has no light?
Let him trust in the name of the Lord
And rely upon his God.
11 Look, all you who kindle a fire,
Who encircle yourselves with sparks:
Walk in the light of your fire and in the sparks you have kindled—
This you shall have from My hand:
You shall lie down in torment.