Discernment! Prevent Errors!

It’s time to start questioning what you hear about others, those words that were dropped in your ears that made you to “hate” on your brothers and sisters, those remarks that have affected your disposition towards them in a negative way!

There are many from the Synagogue of the Freedman, who could not, and cannot stand up against the wisdom the Spirit has given Stephen as he spoke, and you as you live your life as best you can. Acts 6:10

They have stirred up other people against one another. This causes factions in families, Churches, community, and even in nations. A little unwholesome fire kindling hatred and division.

Do not buy into the murky waters of deception friends!

Pray for eyes that sees and ears that hears what the Spirit says.

It wasn’t what Stephen has said or is saying! It is about that which the Lord has filled him with, God’s glory, His Holy Spirit, and power! They could see it, and it’s blinding their eyes!

They do not want to see themselves in the light of God radiating through Stephen!

“”””Now Stephen, full of grace (divine blessing, favor) and power, was doing great wonders and signs (attesting miracles) among the people.

However, some men from what was called the Synagogue of the Freedmen (freed Jewish slaves), both Cyrenians and Alexandrians, and some from Cilicia and [the province of] Asia, rose up and questioned and argued with Stephen.

But they were not able to successfully withstand and cope with the wisdom and the intelligence [and the power and inspiration] of the Spirit by whom he was speaking.

Then [to attack him another way] they secretly instructed men to say, “We have heard this man [Stephen] speak blasphemous (slanderous, sacrilegious, abusive) words against Moses and against God.”

And they provoked and incited the people, as well as the elders and the scribes, and they came up to Stephen and seized him and brought him before the Council (Sanhedrin, Jewish High Court).

They presented false witnesses who said, “This man never stops speaking against this holy place and the Law [of Moses]; for we have heard him say that this Jesus the Nazarene will tear down this place and will change the traditions and customs which Moses handed down to us.”

Then all those who were sitting in the Council, stared [intently] at him, and they saw that Stephen’s face was like the face of an angel.”””” ACTS 6:8‭-‬15 AMP

May the Lord deliver you from every evil alliance. May the eyes of your understanding be enlightened that you might see clearly and understand the underlying cause of what you behold, hear, and perceive! May you not fall into error of stoning the righteous- Stephen, Naboath, and permitting the witch – Jezebel, and tbose of the Synagogue of the Freedman to live!

Shalom! Shalom! Shalom!

God Seeks For You & I!!!

woman vessels

Are you aspiring to be like the Proverb 31 women? These are women of noble character, chaste, enterprising, God fearing, honest, loving, kind, faithful, compassionate and righteous species washed clean by the blood of Jesus. Sisters, we have it in us to be virtuous if we yield ourselves unto Jesus and allow His words to transform us to be vessels fit for Our Master’s use.

Virtuous woman has no room for gossips/rumor monger/tale bearer – she is a loyal friend using her free time to pray for her friends and spread the good news, backbiting – she sees good in others, jealousy – she is comfortable in her own skin, envy – she is contented and grateful with her lot in life, quarreling – she lives at peace with all men as long as it depends on her, chaste/modest – she respect and honors God with her body 1 Corinthians 6:20 and mind among other quality.

My dearest sisters in Christ, let us present our bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God for this is our true and proper worship Romans 12:1. 

Our sphere of influence is vast giving us opportunity to make an impact for Christ in the next generation, if we start now and see our calling as part of raising those children God blessed us with as ambassadors of heaven. This is key to living out the legacy of Christ discipleship thereby preparing the way for the Lord Jesus second coming.

May the Lord forgive us wherever we have failed in the past and grant us more grace to live a life worthy of our calling, raising our children up in the way of the Lord, caring for our spouses and being Christ eyes, hands and legs to all that crosses our path in Jesus mighty name we pray.