The Journey So Far!!!

1cor910In the visions of the night, as I lay on my side asleep, warmed by The Creator’s presence, I saw! Yes, I saw clearly a man placing a crown on my head, He pointed to a mansion close by and said, that is yours. I was in awe, this looks more like a whole city aglow from the heights of heaven. He had pointed and asked, can you see that and I responded yes! When he said that is yours, I could not make any sound. This beautiful place is mine, set aside for me only?

Then He took me to the road and pointed to a city far off. It was in the night time and all the lights were on. It was quite a distance from where we stood, the road laid out straight from where we stood, there were little hills and valleys on the terrain. The road was narrow, with fields of plants accompanying it on both side. It was a beautiful sight to behold!!

He sent me there with an instruction to carry out a task, something I seem to have been empowered to do, and when it is done, only then would I be able to come and live in my own mansion. I looked and thought in my heart, I can do this!!!

The scene changed suddenly, I was in a very small car, awkwardly sited with my head at the roof of the car, obstructing my view of the road I was driving on. My glasses seem to be covered with mist, with my feet barely touching the pedals. I held unto the steering, and peeped ahead. What happened? The road was filled with dirt, garbage bags and different junks littered everywhere making maneuvering more difficult, while trying to keep the vehicle steady on this hilly billy winding road. I was determined to get to where I was going, with one hand on the wheel, I wiped the midst off, and looked through all the other stuff covering the car.

The picture I had when I received the instruction, is different from what was happening here! What happened? There was no one there when the instruction was given that could have been sabotaging me! Then I realized, oh yes, there is that which is constantly accusing, going to and fro, looking for whom to devour. It is that which brought all those junks unto the path way, doing everything possible to make sure the instructions are not carried out.

Well, I have seen the true picture in the eyes of the creator, He has engraved it upon my heart, stamped it on my memory, and He is holding my hands and leading. He is the true shepherd, caring for me all along, with the help of His Holy Spirit that lives within me. He will see me through, I will not shipwreck, I must of necessity possess my possession in Jesus mighty name. Amen