Adorned By Heaven’s Beauty!

I am fearfully and wonderfully made

I am redeemed by the precious blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

I am sanctified, made whole, purified and justified by the blood of the Lamb of God

Jesus Christ who took away the sin of the world

heavenI am crowned with glory and honor

I am adorned by the beauty of heaven

I am special, uniquely ordained for good purpose

Whoever then, that does not want to see God’s glory upon my life shall go blind

I decree blindness on every eye that do not want to see the glory and power of God manifest in me to destroy every works of Satan in my life, home, and community in Jesus mighty name

Every being in covenant league with Satan and his agent, I take authority over you now in Jesus mighty name; be rendered powerless, bound by the hands that is not of mortals and cast into the abyss.

Every guise of the wicked one to prevent the voice of God been heard through this lips of mine be destroyed in Jesus name.

Every tradition, laws, policies that wants to limit the enlargement and expansion of my tent be reversed and done away with in Jesus Christ mighty name.

I decree and declare that my voice shall be heard in the outermost part of the earth, even as I open it up for God Almighty to fill it up with words that sustain the weary.

By the power in the blood of Jesus Christ, I crush under my feet every opposition to the manifestation of Christ glory and power upon my life.

As I have spoken, so shall it be this very hour, day, week, month and year in Jesus mighty name. For I shall decree a thing and it shall be established.

Thank you Almighty God for backing your word up in my life with signs and wonder.

Be magnified Oh Lord!


My Confession!!!!!

resisting-or-being-shapedThe greatest story scripted with the most precious blood in heaven and on earth, presented for all humanity by the Holy Spirit for the joy of mankind and the glory of the Most High God – my salvation.

Things haven’t changed as I expected, yet I know everything has changed. I was on a look out for something dramatic, like lightning and the sort. Instead it was the brush stroke of a master artist, a gentle breeze on a cool night.  I felt a feathery touch, a quiet whisper.  I see everything changed and changing with the eye of my Spirit man. I have been transformed! I am being renewed by the renewal of my mind by the Word of God.  The Word of God is daily taking root downward and bearing fruits upward in my life. The eyes of my understanding is been enlightened.

I am beginning to walk in my destiny to the praise of God Most High. I am embolden by the Holy Spirit to stand in and with the truth in the Word with courage and assurance of victory. I will not fail nor falter nor fall! The pillar that holds my life also set a limit for the ocean and holds the world in its place, in the palm of His hands. He that keepeth me does not sleep nor slumber, heaven is His throne and this earth that I live in at the moment, is His foot stool.

God knows my beginning and end, and has everything planned out and on schedule. Nothing happens that He does not know about, and He is working EVERYTHING out for my good, including my mistakes. I would have loved to have the full picture of my tomorrow right now! He never showed me all, just a glimpse and it is beautiful.  God asked me to walk in faith with Him a step at a time, believing, confessing, and acting on His Words daily. He promised me that IF I stay rooted in Him it shall be WELL with me. Eternity is promised by grace alone, with the assurance that my obedience and living for the glory of His name will give me joy even here, now in this body.

What more can I say? What do I say to this great and mighty King, the Sovereign God, immortal, invisible, the only wise God. Who knew me before the foundation of the World was laid and counted me worthy to be called by His name. Nothing qualified me but the blood of JESUS shed on Calvary’s tree! I am eternally secured and protected, I and all that concerns me. No weapon of wickedness formed against me shall prosper, every tongue that has and shall rise in judgement against me I condemn in Jesus name.

I declare that it shall be well with me all the days of my life, I and my household. Our destiny is secured by the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I can see a very bright and colorful future, a glorious destiny and eternity spent with my maker, the Most High God.

Friends this is my confession today, this moment by faith. What about you? Do you see God working it out for you? Do you even know this God? Would you like to know Him? Then draw near by accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior, confess and repent of your sins – yes all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Jesus beckons you to come to him so He can give you life, and more abundantly. Jesus is Lord!!