Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!

2023 shall be a year for the Lord to showcase His awesome mightiness in our lives in Jesus name!

Welcome everyone to a brand new year filled with goodness and mercy!

Shalom! Shalom!


Happy New Year! May this new year bring us all more of the glory that is ours in Christ Jesus! Amen

Endeavour this new year to be persistent in the pursuit of your God given destiny! Never forget your dreams, take steps daily, and persistently! You will have testimonies! So shall it be!

“Dripping water hollows out stone, not through force but through persistence.

Ovid – Roman Poet”

Set Goals & Follow Through!

To invest in your dreams, you have to put those thought into words, write them down, examine the totality of what needs to be done, put the how, why, and when into perspective, consistently do what you set out to do! Here you are staring success in the face!
             ☀️Radiant Glory