Never Too Late!

As long as you are living, and you are fortunate to know the mind of God for your life, let nothing stop you from doing all that you know God wants you to do.

To many times we allow situations and circumstances to steal our time, energy, and resources.

Friends, this very moment is the perfect time to walk the path you know heaven ordained for you before the foundation of the earth was laid.

Apostle Paul is a good example of someone who refused to let situation or circumstances stop him from fulfilling his God given destiny.

Paul was a prisoner yet he kept on walking the path heaven bestowed on him. The thorn in his side could not stop him, neither the many storm and shipwrecks.

Acts 28:16 When we got to Rome, Paul was allowed to live by himself, with a soldier to guard him.

.. 30For two whole years Paul stayed there in his own rented house and welcomed all who came to see him.
31 Boldly and without hindrance he preached the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ.

You also can pickup from where you left off 22years ago, 30, 40, or 5 years ago. Pick up your dreams this day and start running with it.

With God, it is never too late, or else you’d be 6 feet under!

Get up, wake up, pick it up, and walk!


Plan of Life! Youthful!

Plan Of Life Series

“You see  young lady, I knew there was something about me as a child” said My lady. “I realized much later in life that I was a very special child’. ‘My parent did not know or maybe they knew. They are long gone now, or I would have asked them” continued my lady. “I am glad of the mercies of God upon me and mine.

c9adeaba-4eee-4da7-b504-b298bfa4f56d“My life has turned out better than I had envisioned it. I couldn’t have known back then what today would be, however, with faith and the love of God, I have been able to weather many a storm and come out unscathed and reinvigorated. Someone out there has been watching over me.” Said My Lady.”

“I was one of those children that parents just know there is something about them”. Something off, not like the other children, yet unable to pinpoint what it was. There were lots of experiences growing up that still seem a mystery to me today. How I wish my parents are still here, exclaimed, my lady with a deep sigh. I pray to live to be a hundred years old, to see my newest great grand child” said My Lady”

I rolled my yes and spluttered, having more questions per second than my lips could say. What experiences? Mystery? A hundred years old? You’ve had a beautiful life, with all the adventures I read about in your memoir, shouldn’t you be ready now, haven’t seen it all?

“I have indeed had a beautiful life”said my lady.”I am one of the few blessed ones, living out my days in peace, joy, and divine health. The Most High has been good to me.” Obviously one day soon as the Lord wills, said my lady as she looked on, as if looking into eternity, with a radiant countenance.

He has been good to you no doubt about that My Lady, I said. I guess we should take a break here. What do you think Ma’am? I asked. “Fine with me dear, said My Lady as she got up, and beckoned at me, tea?”

Yes Ma’am,I answered.

To be continued