Acts 9 Saul met with Christ on the way to Damascus and that encounter made him to be temporarily blind, temporary because Ananias had been ordained to restore his sight.

Saul lost his sight and was led by his companions to Damascus, to the house of Judas where it has been ordained for Ananias to meet with him.

I wonder how many people, potential Saints, have been blinded by the awesomeness of the encounter they have had with the person of the Holy Spirit!

I wonder how many people, “leaders” have been blinded also, they have lost touch with reality, for they have “spent too much time” in the presence of the light!

And the companions, they heard the sound, but did not see anyone. Had they, instead of leading, informing, guiding, and instructing, they block information from Saul, he would not have become Paul, or maybe not. God always has back-ups! No one is indispensable!

Would reluctant Ananias be patient with the kind of sycophants hanging around our leaders today? Had Saul’s companion hindered Ananias from seeing Saul, he probably would have remained blind. Can you fathom that?

Nowadays, we have countless people that do not have solution or suggestions to temper a looming crises, yet they stand in the way of the solution bearers.

Father, I pray that you will be merciful to us. For as many of us standing in the way of what you are doing in our midst this season, Lord be merciful and help us to move aside, that your will may be done.

May we not resist the power that we should embrace, and embrace the force we should resist.

Pour out your Spirit afresh on us Lord. Let every scale covering our eyes of understanding be removed in Jesus Christ mighty name I pray. Amen

Shalom! Shalom!

Season of Joy! And Restoration!

good-godHarvest season is the season of joy, a season of reward for hardwork. Why then Lord are these standing? These wicked one standing, and grabbing that which does not belong to them. Every devourer hanging around to devour the harvest due to the children of God in this season the Lord Jesus rebuke you. The blood of Jesus is against every devourer of God’s blessing upon His people in Jesus mighty name.

I pray that all that had been taken shall be restored in Jesus mighty name. The blessings that had been tampered with by the wicked one be restored whole in Jesus name. All that was forcefully taken shall be restored back now in Jesus mighty name.

Oh earth, oh earth, here the word of the Lord and release all that heaven released but the wicked one has been withholding in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. we stretch out our hands and take hold of all that belongs to us in Jesus mighty name.

Friends, guard your harvest, be sensitive in your spirit, there are those that are not in the fold, that plans to come under the cover of darkness to kill, steal and destroy. 1 Peter 5:8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.