The Great Commission!!! Your Destiny!

Do itThe making of a king, a victor, and champion is like the birthing of a child. It demand courage, utmost care and attention.

It start with conception,  nine month of gestation with all the attending issues, the pain of child birth, the financial, emotional, spiritual and psychological demand of nurturing a child from infancy to maturity. Then the cycle begins with the King, victor and champion conceiving their own dreams or visions and then the cycle begins again .

Go ye into the world and make disciples of all nations the Lord Jesus commissioned all Matthew 28:19. Destinies are meant to give birth to more or else it fizzles out. Your destiny will birth other destiny if you are willing and obedient to birth and nurture that which you have conceived?

It was placed in you to be birthed, do not abort it. This is to the Lord’s glory alone and it sure will give God glory. Nurture and feed your dreams with the Word of God. Be passionate enough about what God has done and is doing in your life to make a difference  in others life.

There are tonnes oppressed that need deliverance, many living without hope and countless lost for eternity. What are you going to do about it?.

Do not let your spark go dim, don’t let it die out, ignite a fire that will burn and rage with so much intensity that will shake thrones and dominion to set captives free to fulfill God’s purpose. 

Are you walking in line with your God ordained vision? Does Christ and the things of His kingdom have first place in your heart?

Make changes today!

Everlasting Father, thank you for your loving kindness. Lord I pray that you will rekindle a right spirit within me and my friends. Let us not loose sight of your call on our lifes, your plan for salvation, the great commission and eternity in Jesus mighty name I pray. Amen!